According to what George wrote, his mother gathered up two of her children and fled Vladivostok in 1924 for Harbin. George said they were just about the last people granted an exit visa.

Here is a list of where George worked when in China, to give you some idea of his itinerary …

  • 1924-1925            Harbin
  • 1925-1926            Mukden
  • 1926-1928            Peking
  • 1929-1929            Harbin
  • 1929-1933            Peiping
  • 1933-1933            Tsingtao
  • 1934-1937            Shanghai

Hopefully I’ll be able to put the correct photos in the correct cities, working to the timeline 😀

Here’s a map of China – I’ve put arrows pointing to the cities where George lived and worked. I confess I had no idea at how large the distances were until I did this.

I wonder how he travelled from place to place – by train? By car?  Unfortunately we’ll never know 🙁


A map showing the towns that George Pio-Ulski lived in during his stay in China

A map showing the towns that George Pio-Ulski lived in – from Vladivostok to Hong Kong


This video shows photos mainly of George (but there are a couple of ones of Lila) in various places in China.  Unfortunately some of the descriptions I put down are wrong – but the music are pieces which George composed in the early 1920s.




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