— Details of Joseph’s Injuries ~ 1916

It really is terrific how more and more Russian sites are opening up and so my research is actually getting results, slowly but surely 😀

I found a site which is called «Памяти героев Великой Войны 1914-1918» (In memory of the heroes of the Great War of 1914-1918) and found information about my grandfather being wounded during WWI.  I was aware of that as my mother told me he’d been invalided out because of his injuries and it was great to have that confirmed!

Должность/звание: подпоручик; поручик; капитан
Воинская часть 206-й пехотный Сальянский полк
Дата события: 17.09.1916
Тип карточки: Карточка офицерской картотеки
Место сражения: Обренчовск. лес
Судьба: Ранен(а)/Контужен(а)
Position / Title: Second Lieutenant; Lieutenant; captain
Military unit of the 206th Infantry Regiment Salyan
Date of event: 09/17/1916
Card type: Officer card index card
Place of battle: Obrenchovsk. forest
Fate: Wounded / Concussion (s)


Отсканированный документ

Отсканированный документ

On October 4, 1916, Joseph was transferred to a hospital in Kyiv (Kiev) Gubernia, Cherkasy to have his wounds attended to.

Должность/звание: поручик
Воинская часть 206-й пехотный Сальянский полк
Дата поступления: 04.10.1916
Тип карточки: Карточка на прибывших
Место лечения: Киевская губ., г.Черкассы
Судьба: Ранен(а)/Контужен(а)

Position / Title: Lieutenant
Military unit of the 206th Infantry Regiment Salyan
Date of receipt: 04/10/1916
Card Type: Card on Arrivals
Place of treatment: Kyiv Gubernia, Cherkasy
Fate: Wounded / Concussion (s)


Отсканированный документ


I found another site where I found more information about Joseph and found out that he was wounded twice during WWI — in 1914 and again in 1916  😮

The First World War, 1914–1918 – The project of Union of Revival of Pedigree Traditions

Нозадзе Иосиф Давидович (не указано) {Nozadze Joseph Davidovich (not specified)}

Military rank: Подпоручик {Second Lieutenant}
Religion: (не указано) {(not specified)}
Marital status: (не указано) {(not specified)}
Event: Ранен {Wounded}
Event date: 07 окт.1914 {07 Oct 1914}
Source: “Журнал военный и литературный “Разведчик” №1249”, pg.692



Below is a screenshot from «Журнал военный и литературный “Разведчик” №1249», pg.692 (“Military and literary magazine “Scout “) which had Joseph’s name in it. There was nothing else written – just his name!





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