Hong Kong ~ 1947-1974

My father changed his surname from Pio-Ulski to Parks in December 1947, 4 months after I was born.

I never felt like a Pio-Ulski but my poor sister was 8 years old when she was suddenly known as Parks and she resented the name change for most of her life 🙁

Realising that being a musician wasn’t the most stable of professions, my father started looking for another job and in 1949 he joined Hong Kong Tramways.

My mother returned to her managerial position at the Linen Chest after the Liberation and she moved the store away from selling linen from Swatow to being a premier fashion boutique in Hong Kong.

Balia – who joined the family from Shanghai in 1947 – started teaching the piano. At first most of her pupils were White Emigre children but then she had American, English, and Chinese pupils.

Lindy was with us until 1963, when she married and left the nest.

I stayed with my folks and grandmother until 1972, then moved out to share a flat in Conduit Road with two other friends from the HK Bank.

My parents and Balia left HK in early January 1974 as my father retired, and they all relocated to Perth in Western Australia.

I stayed on in HK until December 1974 then came down to Perth to see my folks for a couple of weeks before heading off to Holland for 8 months to help Lindy with the family.

She was in hospital having her scoliosis fixed for 2 months so I just took care of her family while she was away.

I returned to Perth in August 1975 to continue with my life!

George Parks ~ Hong Kong

Lila Parks ~ Hong Kong

— Anna Nozadze in Hong Kong ~ 1947-1974

Lindy Alexandra Pio-Ulski-Parks ~ Hong Kong

Nona Parks ~ Hong Kong