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Mom joined the Hong Kong Volunteer Defence Corps (HKVDC) after the war (or perhaps even before the war?!) :/

This photo shows mom and other ladies with Sir Lindsay Ride.  I’m unsure of when the picture was taken … just after the war or a few years later.

I wondered if mom was involved with BAAG during the war and that’s why she was in that photo. I wondered that because of the letters mom got thanking her for helping the PoWs during the War, the fact that daddy had a Mauser in his possession and also dad’s involvement with Bevan Field, who commanded 9 Platoon of 3 Company of the HKVDC.

Brian Edgar, who has helped me with other questions, was kind enough to contact Sir Lindsay’s daughter, Elizabeth, who has all the files of that organisation, known as the Ride Papers. She looked through but since everyone involved with BAAG was listed under their code names, not their proper names for obvious reasons, there was nothing about Pio-Ulski in there.

Elizabeth was also unable to identify the occasion the above photo with her father was taken, which was a shame.

In 1949, The Hong Kong Regiment were reorganised and became part of the Hong Kong Defence Force, which also included separate air and naval units. In 1951 the new combined defence force was granted the title ‘Royal’, and replacement colours were entrusted to the care of the regiment as successor to the defunct Defence Corps.
[Source: Wikipedia : Royal Hong Kong Regiment]


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This parade took place on mom’s 35th birthday – February 24, 1952…


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This photo shows the Governor at the time, Sir Alexander Grantham, inspecting the troops.  He’s the dude with the fancy hat with some kind o’ feathers on the top!

I tried to google what exactly the feathers were but to no avail!  It could have been from an ostrich or swan but I did find out that the hat was called a “bicorne“.

Looking at the hat Sir Alexander has, it looks like he has a feather duster standing upright on his hat  😉 Standing with him was Sir Lindsay Ride and a lady officer, name unknown.

The parade was held in the centre of the race course grounds and it really is amazing to see how empty Happy Valley looked.

Not sure what the occasion for the parade was all about but if and when I find out, I’ll definitely put it down! 😀

In the photo on the left, you can see Leighton Hill Flats just in the left hand side of the photo and the row of houses on the right side are the Government villas on Ventris Road.

The right photo shows the Race Course members’ building in the background (the large white building).

This left hand photo shows Broadwood Road in the background (the houses at the top of the hill), with Ventris Road below, and the right hand photo’s of a photo of my mama relaxing after marching around the race course!  There I am, in the left hand corner, and my trusty bottle of Green Spot, making sure my mama is totally relaxed after her march!  😀

As it was mom’s birthday, we all went to Repulse Bay Hotel for a celebration after the parade, Balia included …

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I have other photos of mom marching and these ones were dated November 8, 1952 and, I believe, this parade was to celebrate Liberation Day

Nov 8, 1952_1




Lindy, mom and me after the parade.  If the photo had been taken in the 21st century I would have said that Lindy was looking at her iPhone!  LOL!  😀  I think she was taking a photo of daddy, who was taking a picture of us 😉

The Cheero (aka Cheerio) Club was housed in several single storey wooden huts built round the edges of the Murray Barracks parade ground.

You can see the area where the parade took place and the small patch marked “Parade Ground” on this map is where the Cheero Club was.  By 1963 the Hilton Hotel was built there!



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Pictures of mom with Sir Lindsay Ride and then marching at a couple of parades in 1952

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