— List of Noble Families – Mogilev province 1909


 Title page of the Alphabetical List noble families Mogilev province for 1909

List nobles Mogilev province (full name – “Alphabetical list of noble families, the brought in genealogical nobility books Mogilev province») – the Official Gazette of the Mogilev nobility deputies meeting which gives a list of noble surnames and individuals with their title , only to archive the case number of the nobility Fund and the number of order of each family, and of the RDC in which they are made.

Data published this list on the basis of the genealogical book of nobles , which was conducted by the provincial leaders of nobility by year and alphabetically. After the 17721782 biennium. and up to 19171918 years. it was the only official publication of its kind on the Mogilev province. When in 1917-1918. It was not reprint reproducing this list. And at the time of publication of this article does not exist in the world of electronic copies of this edition in the online open access to read. List is present in one copy of the original of the publication according to the directory in the history of scientific libraries of Ukraine , Russia and Belarus . A modern archive NIAB officially informed about the loss of archival manuscript sources Mogilev province serves as the source of the list [1] . The same can not be seen by the Vitebsk province ethnic Belarus. Therefore, this article is a reproduction of the list of unique, is the first and only one in the world.


Description Publishing

This list is published Mogilev Nobility deputy meetings in Mogilev in the printing literature YN Podzemskogo in 1909 with the permission of the governor of Mogilev. Contents list begins with a reference to the Code of Laws of the Russian Empire article number 968 is IX edition of 1899 , at explaining the section of the list for six parts . The text list is printed old Russian language, much effort the authors convey in the Russian language the sound of Polish surnames with Polish language . Some Polish surnames were ethnic Belarusians because polonisation Belarus . List authors pointed reading options (still in brackets). “E” Printed text list does not have Russian letters. There are German names with a characteristic prefix ” von “, ItalianFrench – with the prefix ” de “. In the list in alphabetical order when there are double (or triple names) with different capital letters printed by a dash, when determining where to make the order of that name, the authors of the list made a choice on to popular rule – a surname preferred carrier of this name (his major) . The total number of order – 1355 (there are namesakes written by authors close to the private rooms of the order indicating different numbers of archives, within each of the six available). List placed on the 23 printed pages.

The historical conditions of creation of Mogilev province nobles List

From the “Registry incoming securities for the years 1792-1836 to issue certificates and pedigrees” Fund “Mogilev provincial nobility assembly” (1800-1811 gg.) To amend the 6th part of the RDC Russian nobles, who in 1909 in the list: Krupskaya – no, Kozlowski – is, Inkevich – no, Gavrilovic – is, Ramoz – no, Tsihansky – no, Mackiewicz – is, Jankowski – there.

Example Certificate Governor General in Noble deputy meetings of the Russian nobility Krupskaya for 1866 ..

Titullny sheet “Registry incoming securities for the years 1792-1836 to issue certificates and pedigrees” Fund “Mogilev provincial nobility assembly.”

  • In this edition it included only part of theдревнейшей сожской и друцкой шляхты [2] (старинной белорусской шляхты in the genealogy of which met the historical period of the tribe Radimichi ). Unfortunately, there was never a complete list of the nobility of the Russian Empire . Even many nobles recognized in the Russian nobility for separate ethnic provinces of Belarus, is already present in the provincial official editions have not been published in all-Russia [3] . So in the memorial book of Mogilev province was published in 18701871 gg. (table of contents) Imperial decree with the list of Belarusian names of the nobility of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania province Rzeczpospolita , mentioning the analysis of the gentry and the refusal to recognize in the Russian nobility , for transfer to the tax-paying class burghers and peasants of old Belarusian nobility, the abolition of the ON and the elimination of its legal field ( legal field), the formation of the kingdom of Poland without its former influence in the ethnic территории Белоруссии , формировании нового административного device , and so. p. reasons. Although there was a partition of Poland (since 1772 ), but clerical work was conducted in the Polish language (for 1836 , in the “Register of incoming securities for 17921836 to issue certificates and pedigrees” Fund “Mogilev provincial Noble Assembly” present post office for another Polish language for the issue of the Russian nobility diploma and a copy of the pedigrees recognized by the Russian nobility of Mogilev province gentry). This, as well as other lists other provinces after the 1917 city of actively used in the repression – on the front page of the fund remained print Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR (£ 183 Inventory 159 1a…).
  • Among the reasons for the refusal of recognition in the Russian nobility old Belarusian nobility in the new political situation has been involved in the national uprisings because no loyalty to the new political regime ( Uprising Kosciuszko 1794 , at participation in the war 1812 , as against Russia [4] , the Polish uprising ( 1830) , the Polish uprising (1863) , etc.)..; the absence of mandatory service in the state (military) Russian service, and so on. n. of reasons. Among the nobility without enthusiasm perceived compulsory military service after the death of the entire corpus of events Minsk units formed from the gentry, especially when it was thrown by the Russian leadership in the crucible of combat, while maintaining the troops come from Russia. This explains the existing temporary break in the dates of official declarations and statements in the Russian nobility, gentry Russian Emperor [5] . Although the submission of documents officially in St. Petersburg under the law should have to submit each year from each of the Belarusian province, but in modern archives RSHA and RGADA no clear annual archive it for the period 1785-1917 gg ..
  • Especially because the stratification (formation conditions) elite of the Belarusian nation to ON differed from the Russian realities – the formation of the Russian elite to dwell on material prosperity, tendentious emphasizing the social status that the alleged distinguishing feature of the nobility for the recognition of the nobility is material prosperity. In this connection the interesting history of the “nobles category smallholders “, maintaining separate ” registered males tales ” in this category [6] . Of particular interest is the administrative instability and deliberate confusion complicates the search for documentary evidence of gentry origin for the recognition of the nobility, as the archives were formed namely the administrative title, but the analytical work is carried out (which could get the documents), writing was not fixed this feature, reference system and information technologies (such date) was not. For example, based Mahilyow Province (1772), renamed the Belarusian province (1796-1801), then re-named “Mogilev province” in 1802, and before that it was called ” the Mogilev governorship ” (1778-1796), and how Ironically with the center in the city of Vitebsk (not in the city of Mogilev ). The same situation by counties, for example by the jurisdiction of some settlements: Rogachёvskaya Province , then – Rogachёvsky county (from 1900 G. – Gomel district ), and the case Rogachёvskogo county were to the 1850s. and did in Belitskaya County (renamed in 1852 , in the Gomel district ). The new regime has not only invented the complexity of the Belarusian gentry recognition procedures and methods of elimination of the former administrative division. For example, in Mogilev province Rogachёvsky district with its center in Rogachev to 1772 was Rogachёvskim starostwo with the center in Rogachev in Rechitsa powiat of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the Russian Empire, the center of the Rechitsa powiat moved from Rechitsa in Bobruisk (1772-1793 gg.) with the title “Rechitsa powiat” (with the subsequent formation of the Rechitsa district in 1793) etc ..
  • It is interesting that in addition to the documents and pedigree nobleman had to give more testimony from the Governor-General of the absence of political and criminal offenses [7] . Many of files burned in fires and wars, the paper does not withstand the conditions of storage in archives and so on. N., Which complicated recognition. Because of bureaucracy , while accepting there were cases of submission of documents and genealogy nobles in other provinces, where they received recognition without delay. Of interest were cases when to seize the rich estate of the Belarusian gentry official new order in the Belarusian provinces after 1772, he reported to, manipulated and influenced his destiny (Belarusian nobleman from the rich estates fell into the class of peasants, and in his name for free beginning to live longer Russian nobleman) . Russian officials provoked jealousy and opposition that the Belarusian gentry antiquity childbirth often met 600-400 years or more when the Russians were 50-100 years in the young state, ” Russian Empire “, a former Muscovite (and in modern Belarus each 10 th surname nobleman citizen [8] ). for objectivity’s sake, it is important to understand in this matter formed opinion of the people of the ethnicity of Belarus to Russia of that period (except subjective stereotype of Russian propaganda ): in Russia in 1711 city of was the Petrine reforms in philology instead of ” Muscovites ” to write self- future Russian “Russian” (with two letters “c”) when the ancestors of the Belarusians and Ukrainians called the “Ruthenian” from the root word ” Russia ” and a letter “a” (or ” Rusyns “), as the descendants of Russia . On the ambitions of the national elite of Muscovy (Russia) “to collect the Russian lands” were viewed as no exclusive right of Russia. Therefore many of his contemporaries of that period recognized the nobility in the Russian nobility perceived not unique, but as the right of access to social privileges and material goods , but not as having a set of moralmoral qualities (not spiritual wealth) and not an absolute sign of nobility of the representative of the Russian nobility that It led to the loss of relevance of monarchy among the majority of the people of the Russian Empire .
  • There were cases when representatives of the old nobility did not recognize the nobility and did not make them in the 6th part of the list of RCD, which is why they were forced to the new political situation after the civil service (in Russian awards) to receive approval in the Russian nobility. This explains why the different branches of the same genus (one name) are found in different parts of the RCD list, although this is usually the representatives of the same genus. It is also important to consider in the history of the recognition of the Russian nobility, gentry of the province of Belarus fact a conflict of mentalities and worldviews in the social structure of the society, as the Belarusian gentry had the mentality of a tradition Veche Russia (electing princes to rule), was in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, and under the influence of the Commonwealth. Where the Statute of Lithuania was a model for European countries, but Poland was the cradle of modern European democracy – the King has elected nobility (eg electors Krupskaya , among others, were the voters Kings in 15951648 . Years and in 16691673 . Years [9] , 1697 of [10] ).
  • In addition, a large number of Belarusian nobility was a competitor for Russian officials in the establishment of a new regime in the society , it was important that the issue of the number of recognized nobility in the Russian nobility, and recognition of the rights of the Belarusian nobility equivalent to the Russian nobility. The documents ON can be seen that for all that, the Smolensk east of ON is not Russia, and Russian Outskirts [11] [12] [13] . An important role had the repression and discrimination of the new policy in the abolition of the Greek Catholic Church , the control of the Roman Catholic Church , which is much in the preparation of family tree, when you need to retrieve documents from the Catholic metrics to the 1830s. and then from the Orthodox one and the same church of the province in Belarus [14] . Freedom of gentry in the province already had a tradition when in the Russian nobility it had only 1785 city of Charter on the rights, liberties and advantages noble Russian nobility . The nobility of the province was in a situation where its fate without its participation and taking into account the opinion it decided in 1772, the Russian Empire , the Prussian Kingdom and the Austrian Empire during the First Section of the Commonwealth . And the historical memory of the Belarusian nobility kept the form of genocide of the Russian troops in Belarus ( ethnic cleansing ), the Ukrainian Cossacks under the leadership of the Moscow tsar (the death of half of the Belarusian people ) [15] [16] [17] [18] . For example, in g Mstislavl in 1654 from the hands of Russian troops of 15 000 people were killed, and the survivors have about 700 inhabitants. Said has a fundamental importance for the understanding of the historical conditions of creation of the list.
  • Shortly before the October Revolution of 1917, and was established by the Department of Heraldry of the Senate so-called All-Russian aristocratic pedigree book – for persons who have served the nobility , but for some reason is not numbered among the nobility a certain province. The fact that early in the twentieth century. noble assemblies were given the right to refuse to reckoning to the local nobility. Sometimes when they were guided by the religion of these persons: half-heartedly considered, for example, such applications of persons of the Jewish faith. However, even a Christian would be denied the reckoning to the nobility of the province. For example, the Moscow nobility Assembly deputy denied entering into the genealogical book of the local princes Gantimurovym approved by the Senate in the dignity of the princes of the Tungus , because the family did not have in the province of immovable property.
  • Belonging to the nobility was proved in the provincial nobility meeting; since 1785 , at that it is, since the publication of the Empress Catherine II of «Charter to the Nobility” , those found in the noble dignity by birth or by personal merit, have been made to the provincial genealogical book; from the province of the nobility case received for approval to herald the Senate; there is from the provincial assemblies were sent lists of persons annually ranked as already approved in the nobility of birth. The origin of the nobles a certain province and recorded a record of officials and the military, though often attributed not to the province, in which the number of their kind, and the province in which they were born [19] .

Contents List of nobles Mogilev province

Pedigree book is divided into six parts. In the 1 st part were made “nobility clans complain or valid”; the 2nd part – deliveries of the military nobility; in the third – childbirth of nobility, acquired in the service of civil or obtained the right of hereditary nobility of the Order assigns a virtue; 4 th – all foreign childbirth; 5 th – different titles childbirth; 6 th part – “ancient noble childbirth of noble family.”
Alphabetical list of the nobles, the brought in the genealogical book of Mogilev province:

p. 1

Part 1
A. , Bronyuschets-Arasimovich, Artsishevsky, Bankovsky , Bashilov , Blazevic , Bobrovich, German-Bolondz, Garbuz-Bordzilovsky, B., Hrulinsky-Bourbeau, Boutkevitch , Bykovsky , Bielawski , Byalobrzhesky, Byalozor , Skarbek-Vazhinsky, Kosciusko-Valyuzhinich, Vasilevsky , Vatsuro, Velichkevich, Veraksa, Voynilovich , Yasenetsky wars ( Vojno-Yasenetsky ) Wojciechowski , Karachevsky-Wolf Volchkevich, Vonsevich, Vorankovich (Voronkovich) Gavrilovic , Galkovsky , Adonevich-L.-Galkovsky, Columns of Gediminas-Gattovsky, Gêrzê County, Gerdzievsky, Gzovskii , Gineyko, Dzevyaltovsky-Gintovt, Syrinsky-Guiraud, Glynco, Govarkovsky, Gozdzitsky, Goniprovsky, Gonserovsky, Ipatovich Gorski, Gorbatovsky , Griorkevich, Grinevich , Grodzsky (Grodsky), Grudzinski, Grushetsky , Gursky ,

p. 2

Daletskii, Danilovich , Deboy, Deschinsky, Dzevonsky, Dzerzhinsky , Dobrzhinetsky, Dobrovolsky , Dobroselsky, Dovnarovich, Domoratsky (Domaratsky) Puzynko-Drobyshevskiy, Repoyto-Dubyago, Duhovetsky, Levalt-Yezerskiy ( Jezierski ), Esman, Zharin, Furs-Zhirkevich, Zhukovsky , Zavitnevich , Zagurskii , Zakalinsky, Zalensky , Zaleski , Zaremba Zarzhetsky, Zelenevsky, Radus-Zenkovich, Ipatevich, Svenchits-Karchevskii, Katerli, Zgersky-Kasho, Kvetsinsky, Kenstovich, Kiriyatsky, Zagoransky-Kissel, Klechkovskii , Terenetsky-Klimovich, Ратомский-Кмитто, Кожуховский, Козополянский , Колачковский, Коморницкий, Конопельский, Коносевич, Конюшевский ,Буткевич-Коперский, Караффа-Корбут , Корженевский , Корзун , Bobrowski-Korolko, Karatkevich , Korsak , Kosakovich, Kossachevsky, Kossovskii Gleb-Koshanskogo,

p. 3

Cats, Krzyzewski, Near-Fist, Gamrat-Kurek, Kulchitskii , Starzhenetsky-Lappo, Levansky, Lewkowicz, Lenchevsky, Liorentsevich, Lipsky , Lominskogo, Lukomsky , Lyudogosky, Majewski , Malyushitsky, Zuyartovsky-Markiyanovich, Markowski , Matusevich , Matushevich, Menzhinsky , Mizgaylo, Mizger, Milevskiy , Misevich, Mozheyko , Montvid , Moravian , Frost , Grinkevich-Mochulsky, Myshakovsky, Narkevitch , Niedzwiecki , Nepokoichitskii , Nestorovich ( Nesterovich ), funds Nolken , Nosalevsky, Okinchits, Okulich, Olenski, Olehnovich , Klishko-Ollyak , Onihimovsky, Ordo , Osetsimsky, Bonch- Osmolovsky , Ostashekevich, Orzheshko-Ostreiko, Ostrovsky , Padkovsky, Voydato-Patsevich, Pyatkevich , Pechkovskii , Piontkovsky , Dembinski-Pioro, Piorovich, Plavinsky , Podobed ,

p. 4

Poltoratsky , Polkowski, Mishkevich-Popeyko, Porchinskii, Przhibylovsky, Protasiewicz , Puzyrevsky , Pukhovsky, Putsillo, Rusinovskaya-Putsyato, Pyaskovsky, Radnevsky, Radushkevich, Ratomsky, R. , Rohan, Russiyan, Rutkowski , Ryvotsky, Rydzewski , Vardomsky-Rydzewski, Ryzhevich, Sawicki , Sakovich , Saplitso, Svadkovsky, Sventsky, Sedmiogrodsky (Sedmioigrodzky) Slavinskiy , Sobansky, Spiontek-Sobolewski, Sobolewski , Sokolovsky , Chernilovsky-Sokol, Stolypko, Stopinsky, Zhukevich-Stosh, Stratanovich, Strzhizhevsky, Grinkevich-Sudnik, Sulzhinsky, Sushinskiy , Shneyder, Syritsa, Tereshchenko , Tomkovich, Trembinsky, Tour , Uzhinovich, F. , Fliverk, Khaletskiy , Kharkevich , Hlusovich , Hlyudzinsky, Hmyzovsky, Truhanovich-Khodanovich,


Hotsyatovsky, Charnorutsky, Charnushevich, Kolovrat-Czerwinski, Chekhov , Siskin , Chugaevich, Musvits-Shadurski, Sharevich, Shafranskii, Shelepin , Shelvinsky, Shendzikovsky, Szydlowski , Szymanowski , Szymborska, Shimkevich , Shimkovich, Shishkovsky, Bit-Shlyakhto, Radzivilovich-Shostak, Shushkevich , Rawicz-Scherbo Yakutovich, Yalozo, Jankowski , Jackowski .

Part 2
Агапеев , Александрович , Андриянов , Антипов , Архипов , Афанасьев , Бартошевич , Беклемишев , Benediktovich, Behl, background Biterlih, Borzov , Budogovsky, Boer, Belsky , Velichko , Vlasiev , Yasenetsky wars ( Vojno-Yasenetsky )

p. 6

Volukevich, Gadzyatsky, Gaydkevich, Gartz , Gattovsky, Goebel , Gerburt-Geybovich, Geliyashevich, Gerasimov , Gizycko , Dzevyaltovsky-Gintovt, Glindich, Glovatsky , funds Goyer (von Goier), Golyshev , Goniprovsky, Gorbatovsky , Gordzyalkovsky, Gorsky , Grachev . Derozhinsky, Odynets-Dobrovolsky, Dombrowski , Domoratsky, Dubovetsky, Duhovetsky, Dyshlevsky, Dyakov , Evseev , ENAC , Zhirkevich , Zhuravsky , Zgorzhelsky, Zorin , Ivanov , Karnilovich, Karchevsky , Drekalovich-Skander-Bey-Kastriot, Kenstovich, Keping, Kirik, Kisielewski , Kislovskiy, Klyuyev , Kozlovsky , Knee ( Knee ) Konigovsky, Concho,

p. 7

Korzeniowski , Korolko, Korytko , Koshanskogo, cats, Kretkovsky, Krzyzanowski , Curves, Kuznetsov , Kucharski , Labutaev, Lappo , Leitner , Lepkovsky, Link , Lisowski , Lobanovsky (Labanovsky) Lukavsky, Luskin, Malafeev , Matyunin Mauro, Murder , Mertens , Mineman, Mitkevich , Mozheyko , Moritz , Moskalev , Musman, Myasoedov , Nekrasov , Nepokoichitskii , Nozhin, Nosovich , de Opagin, Oskerko , Oshmyanets, Patsukevich, Perekrestov , Peroshkov, Petrikov, Podolynsky , Krzhevkovich-Pozniak, Polyansky , Poltoratsky , Popov , Pravik, Przhevalinsky, Radchenko , Feng Rajewski, Redzko, Rodionov , Savostsitsky, Serdakovsky, Semirovsky, Rudnicki-Sipajlo, Sychrov, Skoblikov ,

p. 8

Skarabahaty , Slavinskiy , Smolski , Spytko, Stakhovsky , Stepanov , Stetkevich, Stephanie , term , Titov , Tumski , F. Philip, Hilinsky, Boreyko-Chodkiewicz, Hoetsky, Khokhlov , Hotsyanovsky, Hreptovich , Tsihinsky, Tsytovich , Ciorba, Shablevich , Shvartz, Shebeko , Shipinsky, Shklyarevich, Gorski-Shpyrko, Shulgin , Yaroshevskii .

3rd part
Alabushev, Alexandrov , Ananich , Andreshevich, Bezsonov, Bekarevich ,

p. 9

Beckman , Benevskaya , Bernadsky , Betulinsky, Biryukovich, Bobryk , Bogdanovic , Bogushevsky , Boltsevich, Borhman, Brzezinski, Bulakhov , Butenko , Belofostov, Vatatzes , Weinreich, Veremenko, Wisniewski , Volkovitskii, Volkovich , Karachevsky-Wolf, Vusovich, Gajewski , Geisler , Geltzl, Gerard , boy-Gzovskii, Girilovich, Syrinsky-Guiraud, Smooth , Glinsky , Glushanovsky, Glybovsky, Golovatsky , Golynsky, Dashkovich-Gorbatsky, Davidovskiy, Daletskii, Korybut-Dashkevich, Dem’yanovich, Demyantsevich, Dulevich, Epifanov , Zhilkin , Zagorovsky , hare ,

pp. 10

Zvonarev, Zinoviev, Zubov, Zuyev, Ivan Ignatiev, Ilinich, Kaliopin, Kaminsky, Karnozhitsky, Karpinski, Kimbor, Kirillovich, Kir’yatskii, Kislik, Kitaevskaya, Kovalik, Cossacks, Kozlovsky, Kozhevnikov, Kolyankovsky, Kopytkovsky, Peisey-de Korval, Kulyako-Koretsky, Korzhets, Korkozovich, Kornilovich , Kossachevsky, Kostenich, Kravchenko , Kranz , Krasevich, Krassovsky, Kroger, funds Kruse , Krutilov, Kryger, Sementovskii-Kuril, Kutorga, Kushin, Ladomirsky , Lazarevic , Lakoschenko, Lappo , Lebedev , It is time-Leonovich Lepeshinskii , Lesnevsky , Lechitsky , Lesco , Logan, Lopatenko, Lappato, Lorchenkov, Luzhin, tithe-Lukyanov, Lisov , Lyudogovsky , Lyutovsky, Malevich Malevsky,

pp. 11

Monnerot du Maine, Merlin , flashing, Mikosha , Miropolsky , Michalowski , Modestov , Portyanko-Monki, Moskovenko, hornbeam, Murashko, Neyshventer, Nicotine , Nichiporenko , Novitsky , Nosovich , Ozmidov, Pazdeev, Panchenko , Paprocki, Pashinsky, Pelrashkevich, Penquin , Peters , Pyatkevich , Petrasha Pechkovskii , Pioulsky, Plohotsky, Podashevsky, Basil , Polomsky, Poltoratsky , Poslavsky, Przheradovsky, Prigorovsky , Pukhovsky, Radkevich , Radchenko , Rahmanin , Rego , Renteln, Bronyushets-Retsky, Retsky, Rodkevich, Roland , Romankevich Romushkevich, Somerset-Rosseter,

pp. 12

Roshkovsky, Rubanovskii , Savastyanov, Savinich , Sawicki , Savic , Sacco, Sapricius, Sarbievsky, Crickets , Semkovsky, Serdyukov , Serafimovich , Sivitsky, Sidorsky , Sinitsyn , Skalyshevich, Skarabahaty , Smyarovsky, CTOC, Stratanovich, Sudzilovsky , Sukhodolskiy , Taratkevich, Tarhov , Teplinin, Tihovsky , Trzhetsyak, Trupchinsky, Turchaninov , Tydeman, Fasch, F. , Frendt, Funk , Khomentovsky , Hotsyanovsky, Tsekert, Dorshprung-Tselitso, Tsekhanovsky, Tsytovich , Cham, Chachkov, Cherviakovsky, Chernyaev , Shvedov , Shebunina, Shklyarevich, Shmelev ,

pp. 13

Gulpovsky-Schultz, funds Schultz , Shuht, Scherbakovich, Jankowski .

Part 4
Grobua, Pischevich (Pischevich) Frantsesson .

Part 5
Baron Bremzen, Count Grabowski , Prince Kropotkin , Prince Dondukov-Korsakov , Prince Lubomirski , Prince Meshchersky , the Fund Baron Nolken , Prince Obolensky , Prince Paskevich-Erivan, Count Sumarokov , Prince Drutsk-Sokolinskii, Count Tolstoy , Count Tsukatto.

pp. 14

6th part
Abakanowicz , Avtushkevich, Adamovich , Lelevich-Adamovich, A. , Antushevich, Artsimovich , Artsishevsky, the Fund Benkendorf , Bibikov , Bilevich , Byalynitsky-Birulya , Byshevsky, Bobrowski , Dvorzhetsky-Bogdanovich, Bonch- Bogdanovsky Bogomolets , Bogushevsky , Bogush , Mordukhai-, Boreyko , Boreysho ( Boreisha ), B., Burke , Bochkovsky , Borodzich, Brzhezya -Brzhezinsky, Brzhozovsky , Brzhostovsky, Brohovich, Bonch-Bruevich (Bruevich), Budogosky, Buyvan, Buivid , Bulhak , Burachek , Boer, Brown , Butovich , Butsevich, Buchinskiy , Belevsky, Belikovich, Bodzento-Bialiatski, Bialiatski, Bibirshteyn-Byalkovskaya, Bykovsky , Waqar , Valahovsky, Kosciusko-Valyuzhinich, Vasilevsky , Vaskovsky (Vas’kovskii) Vankovich,

pp. 15

Varpakhovskii , Vartman, Vevel, Veysengoff, Velichko , Velyamovich, Ventslavovich, Wierzbicki , Verenko, Verzhensky, Verozumsky, Kostyushkevich-Vigouroux, Vilenchits, Wilczynski , Vilyamovsky, Viskovsky , Witkowski , Gold Wisniewski, Provincial , Voeikov, Potulitsky-Voyzbun, Nyankovskiy- Voynilovich, Yasenetsky-Zheretinsky-war, Wojciechowski , Karachevsky-Wolf, Lanevsky-Wolf, Volodzko, Volodkovich, Vollovich, Volyn , Furs-Vonsiatsky, Voronet , Voropai, Wroblewski, Vykovsky, Vasilevich-Vyrvich, Vysotsky , Vyazmitinov , Gavrilovic , Gaidamovich, Galinovsky , Adonevich-L.-Galkovsky, Gankevich , Gaspersky, Gauger, Gatsisky , Giedroyc , Rodetsky-Geliashevich, Gerdzeevsky, Gizycko , Glasko, Gogolinsky, Golubitskiy , Golynsky, Goniprovsky, Gorbatsky, Gordzyalkovsky, Gornovsky, Brown-Goroshko, Gortynsky , Gouvalt, Gramzdorf,

pp. 16

Grebnitsky, Gregorowicz , Grintsevich, Gromyko , Grokhovsky , Radobylsky-Hubarevich (Ratobylsky-Hubarevich) Guminsky, Romeyko-Gurko Mitkevich-Daletskii, Gothic-Danilovich, Dvorzhetsky , Derzhansky-Degterev, Dembinski , jastrzębiec coat of arms-Dem’yanovich (Demyanovich) Doria Dernalovich, Deschinsky, Dzerozhinsky , Litvinsky-Dzyagilevich, Dmohovsky , depend Dovgyallo (the text is not a dash or comma), Domanski, Domaratsky, Dombrowski , Grzhivo-Dombrowski, Domoratsky, Donbrovo, Drobyshevskiy , Drozdowski , Melech, Drozdowski, Mrochko-Drozdowski, Repoyto-Dubyago, Borkowski -Dunin, Dunin-Blind, Sulgustovsky-Dunin, Evnevich , Mighty-Evtsihevich, Levalt-Yezerskiy ( Yezerskiy ) Zhembo-Zhabyko, Zharin, Furs-Zhirkevich, Mitkevich-Zholtok, Parkhamovich-Zhudro, Zhukovsky , Zhukovsky-Kortsin, Prussia Zhukovsky, Zhuravsky , Zhuromsky, Dunin-Zhuhovsky, Zablocki , Zawadzkie ( Zawadzki )

pp. 17

Zaionchkovsky, Zakrzewski , Zaleski , Zambrzhitsky, Zalussky, Umyruko-Zapolskiy, Zaharevich , Zakharzhevskaya , Zboromirsky, Zdrojewski, Zelinsky , Zenkovich , Radus-Zenkovich, Zenkovich, Zmechorovsky, Zombek, Zubovich , Eydzyatovich-Zubovich, Rabtsevich-Zubkovsky, Venknevich-tooth, Ivanovo, Rogal-Ivanovo, Ivashkevich, Ivitsky, Ignatiev, Ilinich, Inglink, Iolshin, Kavetsky, Kazanovich, Kalinowski, Kalusovsky, Kamensky, Kamionka, Karnilovich, Karnitsky, Zgersky-Kasho, Kwiatkowski, Kign, Krikor, Zagoransky-Kissel, Klachkov, Terenetsky-Klimovich, Klukowski, Ratomsky-Kmitto, Zeleznitsky-Kobat, Kovalevsky , Sheverdykovich-Kovalevsky, Kovzan , Kozhin , Smolkov-Kozakiewicz (Smolkov-Kazakevich), Kozlinski, Kozlovsky , Seletskii flask, Kollontai, Komorowski ,

pp. 18

Zabozhinsky-Komar, Zabozhinsky-Komar, Komovsky , Komorowski , Comoros, Kondratovich , Kontovt, Konchits, Bobrowski-Korolko, Korolko, Karatkevich , Korsak , Korytko , Kosarzhetsky, Kosobutsky, L.-Kostritsa, Kostrovitsky, mowers (mowers), Kotkovsky , Kotseiovsky , Masalskoe-Koshur (Masalskoe-Khashuri) Krajewski , Korvin-Krasinski, Krassovsky, Krokovsky, Corwin-Krukovich, Krukovskiy , Kruszewski , Kublitskiy , Kuzmitsky, Krzhivets-Kuzmitsky, Near-Fist, Kurako , Gamrat-Kurek, Curci , Rozhits- Kuchevsky, Kuchuk , Sestrzhentsevich-Kuchuk, Kushleyko, Kujawski, Labanovsky ( Lobanovsky ) Lagotsky, Lanko , Sherepo-Lapitsky, Lappo , Starzhenetsky-Lappo, Lashkevich, Wolf, L., is time-Leonovich Lesnevsky , Shvoger-Lettetsky, Lipinski , Lipsky de-Lippe-Lipsky, Lisowski , Litinskii, Lovenetsky, Lukashevich , Ielito-Lukowski, Lupandin, Lyskovsky, Lyczkowski, Lyaskovsky , Lyassotovich, Majewski , Vasentsovich-Makarevich, Makovetskii ,

pp. 19

Malama , Malahovskiy , Malinowski , Mantsevich, Marcinowski, Marchenko , Matushevich, Mackiewicz , Matseievsky (Matsiovsky, Maciejewski ) Mitsevich, Rinvid-Mickiewicz, Mlechko, Mozheyko , Komsomolskaya, Monkiewicz, Monvizh-Montvid, Morachevsky (Marachevsky), Morozevich , Ipatevich Moskevich (the text is not a dash or comma), Lado-Mocharsky, Mochunsky, Moshchinskii, Myshkovsky , Naryshkin , Nasekin, Lyakh-Nevinsky, Nevyarovich, Niedzwiecki , Nitoslavsky, Krzhivets-Okolovich, Okulich, Okushko, Okshevsky, Olenkevich, Ongirsky, Onoshko, Eagle (Orzhel) Ordynets, Orzhel-Orzheshkevich, Orzheshko, Orlovsky , Oskerko , Kite Osmolovsky (in the text there is no dash or comma), Bonch- Osmolovsky , Osovetskaya (Ossovetsky) Ossowski , Ostankovich (Ostankovich) Orzheshko-Ostreiko, Osypovsky ( Osipovskiy ), P. , Voitkevich-Pavlovich,

pp. 20

Pawlowski , Paderewski , Payevsky, Panfilovich, Parchevsky , Parfianovich, Patkovsky, Pashkevich , Perot, Domashevsky-Peslyak, Pestrzhetsky, Petkun , Petrazhitsky, Petrozhitskaya, Pechkovskii , Karnachevich-Pechora, Piotrowski , Kublitskiy-Piottukh, Pirogov , Plaskovitsky, Plohotsky, Pogosky, Podberezsky, Podgurskiy, Podobed , Pozharisky, Pozniak , Nekrashevich-Poklad, Polageyko, Polonsky , Polubinsky, Poniatowski , Popiel , Porembsky , Zhabko-Potapovich, Odlyanitsky-Poczobut, Przhevalinsky, Przhesmytsky, Puzanov , Putskovsky, Feng-Putsyato Rajewski, Zhdan- Pushkin , Ragoza, Feng Rajewski, Raykevich, Ratobylsky, de Reas (de Reass, de Raes, de Raess) Reutt , Rzhendzinsky, Roginskii , Rogowski , Rodzevich , Boyne Rodzevich, Rokitsky (Rakitskiy) Seybut- Romanovich, drop, Rostkowska, Rossohatsky, Roshkovsky, Elk-Roshkovsky, Rawicz-Rusetsky, Rutkowski , Rutsinsky, Ryllo, Rymkevich (Rimkevich) Ryhter , debt-Saburov,

pp. 21

Sawicki , Sadkovskaya , Sakovich , Salim-Samuylov, Samutsevich, Sankovich, Zatsepyako-Saprinovsky, Sarnatsky, Sahnovsky , Svadkovsky, Svirschevsky, Whistler , Ilyich-Svitich, Svyatsky, Sellyavo, villager, Semenov , Servirog, Template: Serdakovsky, Silinich, Sinitckiy , Rudnicki-Sipajlo, Skalkovsky, Skokovsky, Slavinskiy , Slezhanovsky, Sleshinsky, Sluchanovsky, Glebko-Tolstikovich-Sozonovich (Glebko- Tolstikovich-Sazanovich), Sokolovsky , Chernilovsky-Sokol, Sokulsky , Devoino-Sologub, Solomiretsky, Relight-Soltan, Sosnowski , Grotto Spasovski, de Spiller , Staniszewski, Stankevich , Belevich-Stankevich, Kislyak-Stankevich, Stakhovsky , Sterpinsky, Stravinsky , Strazhevich, Sudzilovsky , Sumovsky, Turkan-Surinovich, Surin , Franzkevich-Surozh, Malkovich-Sutotsky, Sushkov , Ruckus-Suschevsky (Rakusa-Suschevsky) Proskura-Sushchinskii, Stsiblo, buckthorn-Symanovich, Voynich-Syanozhentsky, Tarbeev , Tverbus- -Solid,

pp. 22

Terlecki , Tolpygo , Tomasevic , Tomkovich, Tykotsky, Tychinskii, Golovko-Ulazovsky, Usakovsky, Ustsinovich, Hanevsky, Kharkevich , Helhovsky, Khmara, Hmolovsky, Boreyko-Chodkiewicz, Khodorovich , Cherkas-Khodosovsky, Khoiniki (Haynitsky) Khomentovsky , Hominsky, Choroszcz , Tsekhanovsky, Lyasotsky-Cybulski, Tsytovich , Tsehanovetsky , Tsehansky, Tsekhanovich, Elago-shop, Tsyundzevitsky, Tchaikovsky , Chaplitsa (Chaplitsa) Charkovsky, Chereiskaya, Cheremisinov , Chernevskii, Tchernichovsky , Chigir , Antsypo-Chikunsky, Siskin , Chudovsky, Churilo ( Churillo) Shavelsky , Eustratonovich-Shamovsky, Shanyavsky , Shastkevich, Shatsillo , White-Shatsilo (White-Shatsillo) Shafranskii, Yursho-Shvabovich, Shebeko , Veryovkin-Sheluto , Shemiot , Lazarevic-Shepelevich, Sheremetev , Szymanski , Shimkovich, Shokalsky , Radzivilovich-Shostak,

pp. 23

Shpilevsky , Othmar Stein, Poleski-Schipillo, Brant-Schirovsky, Shchodro, Shuko , Eysmont , Eliashevich (Eliyashevich) Engelhardt , Erdman , Jurkiewicz , Y., Yablonsky , Yavshits, Bubel-Jarocki, Shabunevich-Yaroshevich, Yasensky , Jasinski , Skirgaila-Yatsevich, Onoshkovich-Yatsyna, Yachevsky .

The number of namesakes

  • Wasilewski – 2 (in 1st part); • Karachevsky-wolf – 2 (in 1st part); • Gorbatovsky – 2 (in 1st part); • Grushetsky – 2 (in 1st part); • Dobrovolsky – 4 (in the 1st part); • Repoyto-Dubyago – 2 (in 1st part); • Korzeniowski – 2 (in 1st part); • Around-fist – 2 (in 1st part); • Lipsky – 2 (in 1st part); • Majewski – 3 (1 st part); • Ostrovsky – 3 (1 st part); • Polkowski – 2 (in 1st part); • Porchinskii – 3 (1 st part); • Rusinovskaya-Putsyato – 2 (in 1st part); • Sokolovsky – 2 (1 st part).

  • Gursky – 2 (the 2nd part); • Ivanov – 2 (the 2nd part); • Karnilovich – 2 (the 2nd part); • Kozlowski – 2 (the 2nd part); • Lappo – 2 (the 2nd part); • Yaroshevskii – 3 (the 2nd part).

  • Bekarevich – 3 (3rd part); • Zhilkin – 2 (3rd part); • Zubov 2 (3rd part); • Zuev – 2 (3rd part); • Korzhets – 2 (3rd part); • Lepeshinskii – 2 (3rd part); • Blinking – 2 (3rd part); • Novitsky – 2 (3rd part); • Nosovich – 2 (3rd part); • Olszewski – 2 (3rd part); • Podashevsky – 2 (3rd part); • Rodkevich – 2 (3rd part); • Savinich – 2 (3rd part); • Stratanovich – 3 (3rd part); • Sudzilovsky – 2 (3rd part).

  • Artsishevsky – 2 (in the 6-part); • Bankovsky – 2 (in the 6-part); • Baranowski – 3 (in the 6th part); • Bibikov – 2 (the 6th part); • Dvorzhetsky-Bogdanovich – 2 (the 6th part); • Bogushevsky – 2 (the 6th part); • Borodzich – 2 (in the 6-part); • Wasilewski – 3 (in the 6th part); • Vankovich – 3 (in the 6th part); • Wierzbicki – 4 (in the 6th part); • Witkowski – 2 (the 6th part); • Vysotsky – 2 (the 6th part); • Gornovsky – 3 (the 6th part); • Dzerozhinsky – 2 (in the 6-part); • Dombrowski – 2 (the 6th part); • Grzhivo-Dabrowski – 2 (the 6th part); • Drobyshevskiy – 3 (in the 6th part); • Mighty-Evtsihevich – 2 (the 6th part); • Zharin – 2 (in the 6-part); • Zhukovsky – 2 (the 6th part); • Zaionchkovsky – 2 (in the 6-part); • Zakrzewski – 3 (the 6th part); • Zambrzhitsky – 2 (in the 6-part); • Umyruko-Zapolskiy – 2 (the 6th part); • Eydzyatovich-Zubovich – 2 (the 6th part); • Rabtsevich-Zubkovsky – 3 (in the 6th part); • Ilinich – 2 (in the 6-part); • Kamensky – 2 (the 6th part); • Kozlowski – 5 (in the 6th part); • Krajewski – 2 (the 6th part); • Krassovsky – 3 (the 6th part); • Majewski – 2 (the 6th part); • Malinowski – 2 (in the 6-part); • Mackiewicz – 2 (the 6th part); • Monkiewicz – 4 (in the 6th part); • Niedzwiecki – 2 (in the 6-part); • Onoshko – 2 (in the 6-part); • Pavlovsky – 2 (the 6th part); • Pashkevich – 2 (the 6th part); • Zhdan-Pushkin – 2 (the 6th part); • Rymkevich (Rimkevich) – 2 (the 6th part); • Sawicki – 3 (in the 6th part); • Sakovich – 2 (the 6th part); • Sventorzhetsky – 2 (in the 6-part); • Rudnicki-Sipajlo – 2 (the 6th part); • Relight-Soltan – 2 (the 6th part); • Tomasevic – 2 (the 6th part); • Chernevskii – 2 (in the 6-part); • Chizh – 2 (the 6th part); • Shanyavsky – 2 (the 6th part); • Shastkevich – 2 (in the 6-part); • Shimkovich – 2 (in the 6-part); • Jankowski – 2 (the 6th part).

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