— Nona Parks ~ 1954-1957


What do I remember about those days?

I remember …

** … we got back from our leave at the end of November and I got measured up for my winter uniform and went to Quarry Bay School 😀

For more about QBS, please click HERE.

I remember …

** … that mom flew to San Francisco in January to get her accreditation from Warner’s for “the art of fitting corsets” which, back in the ’50s, was a big deal!  She brought back a lovely cowgirl outfit for me, boots and all!!  Too cool 😀

I remember …

** … dad took Lindy and me to the Botanical Gardens and we’re posing like we liked each other 😮

We weren’t very pally at the time as Lindy used to get mad with me if she’d tell me to do something and I’d refuse, saying I was going to ring mom up to see if I really had to do what she ordered me to do!

She would grab the phone out of my hand and bang it on my head!

Sixty five years later, I still am terrified of the phone 🙁  The receiver was heavy and hard, and I really didn’t appreciate having it thumped on my head  😮

I remember …

** … Ah Sam, our cookboy, taking me over to Cameron Road for piano and Russian lessons with Balia.

I used to go to learn the piano with a heavy heart as I never really enjoyed playing it, but when it came down to Russian lessons, it was incredible how I could let my lesson go in one ear and out of another.  It must have frustrated my grandmother terribly!  However after the “chores” of the lessons, Balia used to give me food and that was great!  Blinchiki piroshki, piroshki, mazurka, and a wonderful “cake” made from blini and the same meat for piroshki.

I used to get pocket money from my parents and on the way home to the Star Ferry, I’d go to a Five and Dime store on Nathan Road and buy something for my folks! All very cheesy items which I used to proudly give my parents and which my mother ooohed and aaahed then stuck in the furthest corner of our large pantry, never to see the light of day again 😛

And, of course, learning the piano with Balia meant I had to play in her yearly concerts at the Peninsula!  A truly terrifying experience and it never got easier with time!

There were a number of Russian kids in those group photos, and you can find their names up on the page about Balia’s Concerts 😀

I remember …

** … going to the PRC with Ah Sam in the afternoons, getting a coke and plate of French fries with lots of malt vinegar, and sitting in the TV room with other kids to watch shows like “The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin“, “The Cisco Kid“, and “The Lone Ranger“.

The PRC had a slide, roundabout and sandpit in the kids’ play area, on the right hand side as one walked out onto the patio.  When I was all keen on trying out for the school’s track and field team, I used to use the sandpit as a long jump pitch 😛

I remember …

** … having a huge crush on one of my classmates, Gordon Reynolds, and he came to my 7th birthday at the PRC (Police Recreation Club), much to my delight!  My best friend at the time, Bunny Smith, also came along, as did my cousin Chucha, Nick Vargassoff and a bunch of other kids from QBS  😀

L-R: Marilyn, Diana, Janet with Chucha, Bunny, me, Nick Vargassoff, Gordon Reynolds and the 3 brothers whose names I cannot remember :/ I *think* the eldest one was called Murray ?!!  (Click to enlarge)

The above photo was taken on the grounds of the PRC – tennis courts in the background.  Back in those days the tennis “courts” were made up of two canvas ‘backs’ which the club boys put up if people wanted to play.

They weren’t permanent because the grounds would also be used for cricket matches so everything was pop up rather than permanent 😉

Janet, me with Chucha, and Gordon Reynolds (Click to enlarge)

Stuffing my face full of cake 😮 (Click to enlarge)



I remember …

** … joining the Brownies and going to meetings but I really didn’t enjoy the experience and so quit after a few months. What a wimp 🙁 However I did help plant the coconut – by my left leg – which sprouted and grew into a large palm!

I remember …

** … because I was so tall for my age, I used to beat all my classmates in the school sports’ races! I collected a number of silver cups during my years at QBS for coming first in the running races!

I remember …

** … Ah Pah, my amah, had a daughter and we were good friends. Sadly I can’t remember her name but we used to wander down Tin Lok Lane where there was a comic swap place in a doorway to the flats (could even be the doorway behind us in the photo!). Talk about entrepreneurial!! It was a small entrance way and the guy had set up a skinny table in the alcove and we used to go with our old comics, and swap them for new ones! We were the same age but certainly not the same size 😀

I remember …

**…every school holiday I used to feel sick waiting for my report to come from school! The mailman used to shove the mail under the front door and if I saw this envelope in the pile …

I would hyperventilate until my parents came home and read the report.  It was only after they looked like they were happy with my grades that I calmed down!  😮  Talk about wimp!!!!







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