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Mogilev Pio-Ulskis

Nikolai Pioulsky (1842)

 the middle class -.? Vypusk.gimnazii Mogilev (1842)
Пиоульский Николай (1842) мещан.?-г.Могилев выпуск.гимназии (1842)


Peter Pioulsky (1843)

the middle class -.? G.Vilno vypusk.gimnazii (1843)
Пиоульский Петр (1843) мещан.?-г.Вильно выпуск.гимназии (1843)



Andrzej Pio-Ulski (1922)

Sent to Auschwitz, no. camps 9571 – 10163, on 28/4/41 (my sister seems to think that Wladyslaw remarried in Poland so perhaps Andrzej is our step-uncle?)

Found on the Auschwitz Holocaust page :

Pio-Ulski, Andrzej
Birth Date : 1922-11-10
Place of Birth : Grodziec
Date of Arrest : 28/4/41
Place of Arrest : Warsaw Gestapo prison then Auschwitz
Auschwitz Number : 10059



Pskov Pio-Ulskys


Vladimir Pio-Ulsky (1854)

g.Pskov vypusk.gimnazii (1854)
Пиоульский Владимир (1854) -г.Псков выпуск.гимназии (1854)




Fedor Pioulsky (1879)

Graduate cadet in 1879 Mikhailovsky military academy
Пиоульский Федор (1879) выпускник юнкером в 1879 Михайловского военного уч-ща

Placed in the 10th combined hospital of the military department, Yauzsky boulevard, Serebryanichesky lane, Pankratova village:..  Pio Ulsky Fedor. (For information about the dead and wounded in the PMA officers according to the newspaper “Russian word”, July 1915)
Помещены в 10-й сводный госпиталь военнаго ведомства, Яузский бульвар, Серебрянический пер., д. Панкратова :  Пио-Ульский Федор Николаевич  (Сведения об убитых и раненых в ПМВ офицерах по данным газеты «Русское слово», июль 1915г)

The case of divorce. Pio Ulsky Fedor. Pio Ulskaya (Pioulskaya) (nee. Vologdina) K. Love. (Archives of St Petersburg)
ЦГИА СПб. Фонд 678. Опись 1. Дело 230
Дело о расторжении брака. Пио-Ульский Федор Николаевич. Пио-Ульская (Пиоульская) (урожд. Вологдина) Любовь Константиновна (Архивы Санкт-Петербурга)



1878 : The 145 infantry Novocherkassk Emperor Alexander III of the regiment (Pio-ulsky Nikolai Nikolayevich – ensign)


Georgiy Nikolaevich Pio-Ulsky  (1864-1938) (Wladyslaw’s cousin)




Vladimir Georgievich Pio-Ulsky (1888−1965)

Graduated from the Naval Engineering School and the Pavlov Military School. Member of the First World War and the White Movement, rose to the rank of colonel. In exile in Yugoslavia. Served in the Russian Corps as a non-commissioned officer of a transport company. After 1945 he moved to the United States. He died in Lakewood.



Antoniy Georgievich Pio-Ulsky (1894-1956)

Participant of the White Movement in the South of Russia, Colonel of the Kornilov Artillery Brigade, Knight of the Order of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker.


Konstantin Antonievich Pio-Ulsky (1935- )