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After being evacuated from Archangel, Wladyslaw headed back to Poland via Paris and when he arrived there, he joined the military.

Again, this commentary is from my nephew but with no backup documents …

«As the Polish Navy was very small he was soon transferred to the mechanized artillery forces as a Captain on the general staff, and he took part in the famous battle East of Warsaw in 1920 where the Polish army defeated the Bolshevik armies who where attempting to march through Poland towards Berlin. It is known as the “Miracle on the Vistula“. In 1923 Poland demobilized over a million men, which vastly deepened the economic crisis in the poor country, but Wladyslaw managed to get a coveted job at the Ministery of War as a civil servant.

«What happened then is important to know: in 1924 he was fired from his job after a dispute with his boss, and a few months later he was arrested for having sold military secrets to the Soviet Military Mission in Warsaw. There was quite a bit of hysteria about Soviet spies in Poland at the time, and the government decided to crack down on this – unfortunately Wladyslaw was made an example: all the newspapers of the time report on the nobleman who betrayed Poland. He was tried and sentenced to 8 years of hard labor (he was 46 at the time) at the central prison of Warsaw. Currently I do not yet know what became of him as so many records where destroyed when Warsaw was leveled by the Germans in WW2.

«The court documents (and some newspaper articles) describe that the reason he sold the documents was that he was trying to get a visa to the Soviet Union where he was trying to find his family to bring them to Poland (at the time he didn’t know they were in China) – the Soviets made this visa conditional on him supplying the information. This mitigating circumstance led to his sentence being halved on appeal.»

Fortunately I was able to find a few things online to confirm the fact that Wladyslaw was in the Marine Squad. In fact, I made friends on Facebook with a Polish researcher and he told me that he read that Wladyslaw joined Haller’s Polish Army in 1919 and ended up as Vice Commander of Coastal Artillery.

I’ve attached the pdf called «Kadry Morskie Rzeczypospolitej» (Marine Squad Republic), which had Wladyslaw’s name listed, showing his various positions….

KMR Pio-Ulski

Two references on page 234

Translation of the first line : «1. Cpt. Art. Wladyslaw Pio-Ulski of the regiment of tanks»
Under the next paragraph which lists the coastal artillery organisations and staff members, it says : «3. I deputy commander: Cpt. Art. Wladyslaw Pio-Ulski»

One reference on page 557


Translation of the information above :
«112. Pio-Ulski Wladyslaw, b. September 28, 1878
RO-1923 Captain 1st Lt. res. an older. dated. 1 Jun 1919 col. 10 KT
RO-1924 Lt. res. an older. dated. 1 Jun 1919 col. 11 KT
3-LOR Captain 1st Lt. col. 5 KT
DP-5/14 II in 1920 moved from 1 p. Tanks for military transports Management
DP-28/28 VI 1920 przjęty (?) the reserve army of b. Groups Gen. Haller while calling to active duty for the duration of the war until the demobilization of the extent Cpt. Art. assigning you a 1 p. tanks
DP-10/12 Mar 1921 moved to the extent Cpt. Art. with 1 p. tanks to p. coastal artillery
DP-27/9 July 1921 released the extent Cpt. Art. of 1 Dyonu Military Car
DP-28/19 VII 1926 released the extent Cpt. March. in Korp. Of. Rez. With universal military duty»

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There is a newspaper article dated September 3, 1924, talking about Wladyslaw’s trial.


I used Google Translate to figure out what it said and there are some words which Google obviously couldn’t handle so it came out as gibberish.  Apologies 😉

Yesterday stood before the court Wladyslaw Pioulski, civil servant status six-degree inzyiner, a former clerk ministerjum military matters. Pioulski was arrested March 5 cr. for stealing secret military documents and then delivered to one of the members of the Soviet mission in Warsaw.Kosakowski settles judge presided, assisted judge Karioli and Siczewski.The defendant entered a theme release August espionage desire to go to Russia sowjeckiej.When I volunteered for the mission Soviet visa allegedly called him there to say that they can get a visa on condition that the military mission will provide documents to which it had access.It is very distinctive, because the Soviet Union, announced the whole world in the break up of the former tsarist system of espionage practicing the way of exploitation of the officials actually this method continues to grow.Should be noted that for the first time since our orchards applied very high penalty for espionage, namely Wladyslaw Pioulski skanzany was at eight years hard labor. Perhaps in this way, others will be put off by the spies of this shameful work.

The following is a newspaper article dated March 9, 1924, with what I assume to be the fact that Wladyslaw was arrested for spying …




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