— Russians Listed on the 1941 Jurors’ List

Richard just recently came up with a goldmine … Russians who were listed on the 1941 Jurors’ List.

Jurors List (1941 unless stated)

I have been going through some HK lists including the Jurors lists and Compulsory Service Orders looking for former members of the Anti-Piracy Guard. I extracted the following list of 50 odd names from the 1939-41 Jurors lists. There is discussion on Gwulo as to who is/is not on these lists. The criteria seemed to be – male, income above a certain level, of sound mind and can understand English well enough to follow a trial. Seems did not require to be British subjects. Possibly self-employed or small businessmen would wish to avoid jury service, but this list gives an indication of the types of professions and work of the males in the HK Russian community. Occupation and place of residence are listed. I have erred on the side of caution and probably included some Eastern Europeans. Eugene Joffe is listed in the UK National Archives as originally from Russia – but looks like a French name to me. Also the Yvanovich family have Portuguese looking Christian names so I’m guessing they arrived in HK at a much earlier time.

Affanassieff, Michael Michelanovitch
Construction Superintendent Hong Kong Mines Ltd. On premises. (1939)

Agafuroff, Burhan
Broker. S. E. Levy & Co. 6 Village Road, 1st floor.

Agafuroff, Iskander
Broker. S. E. Levy & Co. 6 Village Road, 1st floor.

Assessorow, Wadim Fedorovitch
Assistant, Shewan Tomes & Co., Ld. 30 Mody Road, Top floor, Kowloon.

Atroshenko, John
Overseer, Marsman, Hong Kong (China), Ld. 5 Ashley Road, Kowloon.

Babinteef, Vladimir Anatol
Assistant, Andersen, Meyer & Co., Ld. 182 Nathan Road West, 1st floor, Kowloon.

Bachtin, Vladimir Anatolievitch
Assistant “Lido” Repulse Bay Hotel.

Barovsky, Constantine
Clerk, H.K. Hotel. 29 Hankow Road, 1st floor.

Borinevitch, Valentin Gabriel
Assistant, Reiss, Bradley & Co., Ld. 9B Salisbury Avenue, Kowloon.

Brazilevsky, Edward David
Engineer, H.K. Engineering & Construction Co., Ld. 34 Hankow Road, Kowloon.

Budagian, Leon
Clerk of Works, H. K. Engineering & Construction Co., Ld. 96A Nathan Rood, Top floor, Kowloon.

Danilof, Peter
Electrician, Marsman H.K. China, Ld. 45 Nathan Road, Kowloon.

Itenson, Vladimir Alexander
Assistant, Gilman & Co., Ld. 7 Leighton Hill Road.

Jernakoff, Boris
Engineer, Reiss, Bradley & Co., Ld. 42 Humphreys Building, Kowloon.

Joffe, Eugene (Eugene Max Joffe)
Assistant Engineer, China Light & Power Co. Ltd. 377 Nathan Road, Kowloon.

Jolendovsky, Thadeus Adam
(Occupation missing) 13 King’s Terrace, Ground floor.

Kaluzhny, Kirill Alexander
Assistant, Repulse Bay Hotel, On premises

Kobza, Eugene Alexander von Nagy
Managing Director, Kobza Art Studios, Ld. 818 King’s Road, New Quarry Point. (Hungarian – well known photographer in Shanghai)

Komorsky, Anatole
Clerk, Peninsula Hotel. On premises.

Koodiaroff, Michael Alex
Steward, Peninsula Hotel. On premises.

Kouznetzoff, Nicolai Ivanovich
Supervisor, Dairy Farm, Ice & Cold Storage Co., Ld. Pokfulam.

Kuril, Jaroslav Charles.
Sugar Technologist. 207 Prince Edward Road, Kowloon.

Levkovich, Basil Ivanovich
Overseer, H.K. Marsman, (China) Ld. On premises.

Napoloff, Alexis
Clerk. Asiatic Petroleum Co., (S.C.) Ld. On premises.

Nesteroff, Michael
Boiler House Engineer, China Light & Power Co., Ld. 184A Nathan Road, Kowloon.

Olofinsky, Vsevolod
Maitre d’Hotel, H.K. & Shanghai Hotels, Ld. On premises.

Pavloff, Alexana
Engineer, H.K. & Whampoa Dock Co., Ld. On premises.

Peacock, Serge (Sergei Patrowich Piankoff)
Confectioner, Lane, Crawford, Ld. 67 Wongneichong Road.

Pissareusky, Gregory Joseph
Representative, Dodge & Seymour (China), Ld. 72 Dina House, Duddell Street.

Poliak, Alexander
Electrical Engineer, China Engineers, Ld. On premises.

Potouloff, Sviatoslav Nicolas
Manager. Repulse Bay “Lido”. Repulse Bay Hotel.

Rachkovsky, Nicolas
Boiler House Engineer, China Light & Power Co., Ld. 264 Ma Tau Wei Road, Kowloon City.

Rudrof, Weadyslav Paul
Assistant, Jardine, Matheson & Co., Ld. 117 The Peak.

Rumianzeff, Vladimir Dimitrievitch
Engineer, China Construction Co., Ld. 23 Humphreys Building, Kowloon.

Skvorzov, Alexander Vasilievich
Structural Engineer, H. K. Engineering & Construction Co., Ld. 49 Kadoorie Avenue, Kowloon.

Smirnoff, George Vitalievitch
Architect, Marsman, H. K. China Ld. 14 Hart Avenue, Kowloon.

Tavastjerna, George Alexander
Store Manager, Orient Tobacco Manufactory. 228 Nathan Road, Kowloon.

Tomashevsky, Dimitry Vlaudislaus.
Clerk, National City Bank of New York. 13 Hing Wan Street, 2nd floor.

Tonoff, Anatole Nicholas
Assistant, Camera Exchange Service. On premises.

Tsenin, Eugene Alexei
Assistant, Shewan, Tomes & Co., Ld. 11 Hankow Road, 2nd floor, Kowloon.

Vallessuk, William
Radio Engineer, China Electric Co., Ld. 9 Hankow Road, 3rd floor, Kowloon.

Venshou, Alexander Caesar
Foreman, Malcolm & Co., Ld. 9 Knutsford Terrace, Kowloon.

Volkoff, Nicolas
Engineer, Standard-Vacuum Oil Co. On premises.

Yashanoff, Boris
Acting Manager, National Carbon Co. Fred. Inc., U.S.A. Y.M.C.A.

Yourieff, Eugene
Clerk, Cie des Messageries Maritimes. 12 Kennedy Terrace.

Yvanovich, Philipe Antonio
Assistant, John D. Hutchison & Co. 17 Soares Avenue, Homantin.

Yvanovich, Vicente Antonio, Sr.
Assistant, Dodwell & Co., Ld. 4 Kimberley Villas, Kowloon.

Yvanovich, Vicente Antonio, Jr.
Assistant, Dodwell & Co., Ld. 4 Kimberley Villas, Kowloon.

Zagorsky, Anatole.
Checker, Marsman H.K. Chuta, Ld. 39 Hankow Road, Kowloon.

Zaharoff, Victor
Assistant, Gilman & Co. Ltd. 4A Village Road