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We got back from our leave at the end of November and I got measured up for my winter uniform and went to Quarry Bay School 😀

Top photos are of me in my winter and summer uniforms; bottom left photo shows the badge was carved into the stone at the top of the doors. Our badge was like the bottom right hand photo – blue words embroidered on a maroon background.

Quarry Bay School was first formed in 1926 to educate the children of expatriate employees of Swire at the Taikoo Dockyard and Sugar Refinery. After the war it became a school for all kids who lived on the island but not on the Peak, as they had their own school.


What do I remember about those days?

I’m pretty sure my father used to drive me to school and pick me up but I also know that some kids who were in my year and who lived in the Leighton Hill and Ventris Road flats went by bus.

I do remember …

Photo credit Mecum Auction (Click to enlarge)

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** … very clearly that when the Henningsens (he was mom’s boss and was also the Coca Cola sole distributor in HK) went on leave some time in the mid-50s, dad was asked to use their car so it wouldn’t get a flat battery. It was a humungous American car – a bright red convertible with fishtails 😮 So flashy and so comfortable with lots of room and lush white leather seats!

I’ve been trying to find the car online – I’m pretty sure it was a Cadillac but was it a 1955 Eldorado or the S164 Convertible? The latter had red and white leather seats but the Eldorado had all white leather but, hey, no big deal. It really was so much fun driving around in it 😀

I do believe it was left hand drive so a bit of a challenge for my father; however, it didn’t deter him and he loved driving it too 🙂

We used go along King’s Road, then up the hill towards Shaukiwan before parking on the road opposite the stairs leading up to Quarry Bay School.

King’s Road, heading towards North Point (Click to enlarge)

King’s Road, going up towards QBS and Shaukiwan (Click to enlarge)

Oh those stairs! Unbelievable! I reckon there were a gazillion going up to the school, seriously, but I’ve been told there were only 116 steps 😮

Coming down wasn’t so bad but going up – oy vey! No wonder my knees have both been replaced in my old age 😀

Funny thing about getting old – I thought those stairs were wide but no, they were quite narrow!

Memories of Sports Days

I remember …

**…back in those days I was pretty good at running, being so much taller than my classmates, so won a number of cups over those years 😉

1954 (Click to enlarge)

1956 (Click to enlarge)

The left photo shows me being presented with a cup by a lady whose name I don’t remember, if I ever knew it, but the headmistress on the right was Miss Handyside.

The right photo shows me getting my prize from Mrs Gautier, who was the mother of a good friend of mine when I was in KGV – Margaret. She was also a tall girl and was the 2nd bridesmaid at Lindy’s wedding!  The headmistress in the photo was Mrs Olive Burt. A bit of trivia … Mrs Burt had two children – Margaret – who was in my year at QBS, and a son – Christopher – who was five years older and who ended up as a TV producer for shows like “Lewis“!

1957 November – Sports Day

Back row (standing) ? ? Alan Sloan (in grey sweater), Richard Baker, Jimmy Maxwell, Michael, Gill Winterton, Branch Greaves, Terence Beesley, Gregory, ?, Alan, ?

Middle row (kneeling) Colin Billimore, Deidre Mahon, Me, Mary Nurse, Christine, ?

Front row (seated) Anne Gregory, Faye, Mary, Bunny Smith, Glenys, Cathy Ferrier, Ann.

In the last sports day that we had in 1957 I got pipped at the post by two other girls so got a spoon for my troubles so my days as a superstar were coming to an end – LOL! 😀


Memories of Plays

I was extraordinarily lucky when young as mom used to get her sew sew amahs in Paquerette to make up the costumes the school told us to have made so no stress at all for my mama!

I remember …

** … I was a footman with Doug Fyfe, Jimmy Maxwell and Colin (? name not remembered ;( ) in «Alice in Wonderland».

L-R: Angela Poynton, me (standing) Jimmy Maxwell, Colin (?) and Doug Fyfe (aka Fifi) on the chair (Click to enlarge)

Then it was «Peter Pan», where I played the part of one of the lost boys …

Me as one of the Lost Boys fighting with Nigel Woods as one of the pirates! (Click to enlarge)

And the last play I was in was … according to my friend Bunny … was called «Story Time»!

It’s funny, I have absolutely NO recollection of that play apart from my terror of having to go on stage in my mother’s (or maybe Lindy’s) high heeled shoes in case I fell flat on my face 😮

Me playing the part of the mother and Bunny as the story teller (Click to enlarge)





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